Sunday, April 24, 2011

Comments for Kids (C4K) April

Comment #7

Mr. McClung's World
Talent Show
Mr. Neal Video


Mr. McClung posted individual videos of students and teachers who performed at the school Talent Show. I was assigned to watch Mr. Neal's video. He played the guitar and sang an original song he wrote. I commented about how I was so impressed that a teacher actually performed a talent for all the students to see and how I had wished my teachers back in high school would've done something like that. It would've shown how teachers are real people too and not just nerds haha. I said I really like the song he sang and my favorite lyric was, "I wanna love like evergreen." That's really creative. I also watched the hip-hop dancer video because I love everything about hip-hop. I thought it was great to see the students and teachers sharing their gifts they were blessed with.

Comment #8

Wildcat Writers of 804
Ms. Connor's 8th grade class

Nathan's post was titled, "A Tribute to Jules Vernes".  Jules Verne was a French author who wrote many books including his most popular, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Nathan wrote something similar to what Jules would've written in one of his books. He used a lot of imagery and description to describe the ocean depths and it's beauty. I commented on his post and said I thought it was absolutely fantastic. He did a great job of describing everything to where I had a word picture in my head. I love being on a boat and getting lost in the openness. Nathan was right when he said that when we are on top of the waves we can't imagine the beauty that is below us. It may be scary to some but the vast unknown is a beautiful creation.

Comment #9

Mrs. Yollis's 3rd Grade Class Blog

I commented on her family blogging month post and about writing quality comments. I said that I was very impressed by how her 3rd graders could write so well. I also thought that a class blog and student blogs, as well as commenting, helped students become better readers and writers. I think Mrs. Yollis is doing a fantastic job with her class and teaching her students everything about blogs, commenting, and connecting to the world around them.

Comment #10

3rd grader from Mrs. Yollis's Class
Miriam's Magical Moments blog


Miriam wrote about her family vacation to Hawaii. She went kayaking with her mom, dad, two younger sisters, and brother to a place called Captain Cook Monument. You can only access this monument by water and it's on the Kealakekua Bay. They also saw spinner dolphins while they were out in the ocean. I told her that her trip to Hawaii looked really fun and I would like to go to Hawaii sometime. I said that I love the ocean and the tropical atmosphere. I've been snorkeling in Australia at the Great Barrier Reef and I've also seen dolphins at the beaches in Florida. It's an amazing experience to see dolphins swim beside your boat. I imagine that she will remember this experience for the rest of her life.

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