Sunday, April 3, 2011

Comments for Teachers (C4T) Summary Post #3

Steven Anderson
Blogging about the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom

What's Wrong with Google Telling Me Everything?
Mr. Anderson talks about how students are able to use Google to search for everything now. However, students might not always know how to find valuable and reliable web sites and sources of their information. He says that before we had internet searching we would have to go to the library to look up a simple answer to a question. What took 5 minutes of searching now takes only seconds. Mr. Anderson says teachers need to be concerned with teaching children to think about the quality of the information and/or where that info comes from when answering a fact based question instead of just reaching the answer and moving on. Students need to be able to think critically about the info they receive.

I commented on this post by introducing myself and saying that I don't think it's wrong that Google tells people everything. It makes life easier but deciphering the junk on the internet needs to be the focus of the search and not just fact searching. I think a lot of people find the first answer that Google gives them and just assume that whatever website it came from then it's automatically true. I don't think we should have to check our sources each time we search the internet b/c that's not practical and people will never do that, but to teach kids to check their sources is something very necessary. When I do "real research" it takes a lot longer because I have to find credible sources. I was always taught to steer away from Google when doing school research, yet that's what we always use on a daily basis to find information.

Get Connected Why Don't Ya!
Mr. Anderson talks about going to an educators conference and he was interviewed by one of his friends about why administrators and educators should stay connected online using Social Media. He says that because professionals can't do it alone. Teachers shouldn't think that we're teaching on an island. There are people all over the world that we can use as resources for information, feedback, or just someone to talk to. He asks people to comment and tell why we are connected.

I commented by saying that I am required to stay connected because of being in Dr. Strange's class. We have to create a PLN, use Twitter, comment and follow blogs, etc. I think this will be a lifestyle change and I can only imagine how helpful all these techno resources will be when I become a teacher. I agree with Mr. Anderson that staying connecting is a great way to talk to people and other professionals going through the same things I am. So why not use the on-line world to get feedback, a second opinion, or just a great idea?!

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