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Comments for Teachers (C4T) Summary Post #4 arvind s grover


21 Apples
Learning in the 21st Century

arvind s grover


Comment #1

Gender Transformative ABC's-Incredible Resource for Breaking Traditional Gender Norms

Mr. Grover brought to the attention of his viewers a website called He thinks all educators should read it because it is a great resource for combatting traditional gender norms for children.

I comment on his post by saying that I like his style and how he writes his name with all lowercase letters. I say that it's a great idea that he brought this to the attention of all educators. It's something I would've never thought of looking into. I say that regardless of a teacher's personal beliefs, or my personal beliefs, we should all be educated on what our children are faced with and struggling with so we know how to help. I say that this issue isn't going away so we should learn how to embrace it...just like technology. I thank him for the enlightenment.

Comment #2

Amazon announces 11,000 libraries to lend out Kindle books. More gamechanging.


Mr. Grover talks about how libraries are going to have Kindle books at their disposal for patrons to be able to check out. People will be able to read them on their smartphone, Kindle, iPad, or with anything that uses a Kindle application. There is an article from Amazon that says there will even be a feature where you can highlight and write in the margins and when you check-out the book again or decide to buy it, you'll be able to see everything you wrote down before. He says he has used a Kindle a few times and he has critiques about them, but he thinks this library lending idea is a good idea for schools to start thinking about.

I commented how I think this library lending thing that Kindle is doing is a great idea, especially for people who love using the Kindle so much. However, I say I will not be using this. I don't have a Kindle or have a desire to get one. I've tried reading books on my Mac using my Kindle app and I just can't get into it.  There's something about checking out a book from the library, smelling the mustiness, touching the pages and the book jacket--it's something I love and will always continue to do.

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