Sunday, March 27, 2011

Comments for Kids (C4K) Summary Post #2

Comment #4
HD2011 blog
Mr. Wolfe's Class

This student was talking about how what all went on in class today (March 2, 2011) and what's about to happen. He said he had a benchmark test and it took 2 days to finish. He said he learned about shapes and sides which he learned already in first grade. He is excited about Spring Break and he has to take the ARMT test soon and he's going to get an A on that.

I introduced myself and told him where I live and where I go to school. This child is from Birmingham too so I asked if he knew where Pelham is because that's where I'm from. I commented on the test he took that day and asked when he has to take the ARMT and how I'm learning about different tests in my education classes. I said I'm excited about Spring Break too and I'm not going to the beach but to Nashville.

Comment #5
Ronald at Pt. England School in New Zealand
Grade 7

He talks about going to health camp and they stayed in dorms. On the weekends he got to go on the bmx track and some people fell off the back. Then they had dinner and went to bed. Then he had to go to school on the school day and had to do work.

I introduced myself and told him where I live and go to school. I said it was really cool that he's from New Zealand and how I've visited Australia but would love to see NZ some day. I said his health camp and bmx adventure sounded really fun and how I've never done that. I asked if he was one of the kids that fell off the back. I told him he sounded brave for doing bmx. I told him I have a blog that he could comment on if he wanted to. I said his writing was very good.

Comment #6
Ryan's blog
7th grade

He talks about how he only has 2 more months left of school until summer. He's excited about the sunshine and nice weather because he's been stuck inside because of snow storms most of the winter. He said another sign that school is ending is the beginning of baseball. He enjoys catching the ball and throwing it around. He asked what other people's favorite part of the end of school is.

I introduced myself and told him where I live and what school I go to. Then I asked where he was from since I couldn't find it while searching his blog. I told him it rarely snows in Alabama and especially Mobile and I hate the snow and cold weather. I said I look forward to going to the beach during the summer since I live only an hour away from the Gulf. I told him it was nice to meet him over the web.

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